Celebrating 25 Years: Scavenger Hunt

We are celebrating 25 years of Hinesly Orthodontics in a big fun way. We are releasing 25 clues for 25 days, asking our Ann Arbor and Tecumseh communities to find Band-it.

Visit our website every day to receive a new clue. Once you figure out Band-it’s location, submit your guess to our office between September 2nd and September 26th via email at [email protected].

You will receive 1 point for each correct location submitted to our office between September 2nd and September 26th.

First place winner will receive 4 football tickets to the U of M vs. Michigan State game on Nov. 16th. 2nd & 3rd place winners will also receive amazing prizes.

Contest begins Monday, September 2nd. Everyone is eligible to play. Winners will be announced Monday, September 30th

Hinesly Orthodontics

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