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Hinesly Orthodontics

Dr. Hinesly is a Roth Williams-trained orthodontist. The Roth orthodontist has taken a special advanced course, in addition to the three-year graduate program after dental school. Graduates of this course have been trained on how to correct the bite and align the teeth to achieve a healthy, functional, attractive smile.

Orthodontists today generally take one of two fundamental approaches to their discipline.
One group of doctors believes in a strong functional relationship between the teeth, muscles, and jaw joints (the temporomandibular joint), which should be meticulously respected and monitored throughout treatment.

The other doctors believe the tooth, muscle, and joint relationship is of little or no significance. The alignment of the teeth is the goal.

We take the first approach.
We rarely use the "one-step exam" in which the diagnosis and treatment plan are done during the same appointment.

We gather and take the time to study your records before explaining your individualized treatment plan, and we discuss all treatment options.

Hinesly Orthodontics

We routinely mount dental molds on an instrument, the articulator, which is crucial to study the functional relationship between the teeth and joints.

We take radiographic images of the temporomandibular joints. We time the beginning of treatment so braces can be placed on the 12-year molars, which are the teeth closest to the temporomandibular joint and profoundly affect functional jaw movements.

Hinesly Orthodontics

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Hinesly Orthodontics combines art, science and expertise to provide the highest level of orthodontic care possible.

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