Your First Orthodontic Visit

Your first visit to our office is our opportunity to provide you with a comprehensive initial exam and evaluate your oral health or your child’s. Dr.Hinesly will conduct a thorough oral examination and determine the specific course of treatment needed and answer any questions you may have.

If it is determined that orthodontic care is necessary, Dr. Hinesly will explain the procedures involved. You will learn when the treatment should begin and the goals of treatment. You will also learn the financial investment in obtaining that gorgeous smile.

The process of treatment begins with a Records Appointment. The records we use are different than those used by your family dentist. This appointment usually lasts about an hour. A series of radiographs (A-P ceph, lateral ceph, tomograph of the TMJ, and panoramic radiograph), scans of your teeth, intra and extraoral photographs, and bite registrations will be obtained at the appointment.

Dr. Hinesly will use these records to diagnose your case. We will then schedule a Consultation Appointment, where this information will be presented to you and your family. During this appointment, we will discuss treatment goals, treatment options, what you should experience throughout treatment, and approximately how long the process will take. After this, you will be ready to begin active treatment.

Hinesly Orthodontics
Hinesly Orthodontics
Hinesly Orthodontics

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Hinesly Orthodontics combines art, science and expertise to provide the highest level of orthodontic care possible.

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