Common Orthodontic Questions

Every mouth is different. There is no standard fee. The doctor needs to do an exam and diagnosis to evaluate on an individual basis.

Yes, for the most part, depending on cooperation from patients (i.e., being on time, no broken brackets, etc.)

A little discomfort is expected after adjustments; non-prescription pain remedies are recommended. For maximum effectiveness, it may be best to take such medications before the discomfort begins.

Orthodontics isn't only for pretty teeth. A good healthy bite helps eliminate other health problems in later years. It also helps save teeth from premature wear.

We inform patients of their estimated completion date. Missing appointments or lack of cooperation can often delay the date the braces come off.

Typically retention is based on how long the patient was in treatment. Remember, retention is a lifetime endeavor. You are going to love your smile.

Yes, there are several different payment options.

Yes, it would help if you continued to visit your dentist every six months for teeth cleaning and regular checkups.

Treatment is 18-30 months, depending on the difficulty and amount of treatment needed.

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